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The Challenges of Hospital Business Office Document Management 
There are several unique - and uniquely serious - challenges involved with Document management in the hospital business office.
The Challenges of Document Imaging in the Hospital Business Office 
 Hospital business office documents pose formidable and one-of-a-kind challenges to Document Imaging and E-Document Management.
Typical Imaging Applications Fall Short in the Business Office 
 OCR, medical records systems, simple scanning and other traditional document imaging solutions are inadequate for the hospital business office.
The Value of High Performance Document Retrieval 
 The performance gains from cloud-based storage and retrieval are remarkable.
Document Retrieval: The Essentials 
 There are four retrieval requirements that must be met in order for e-document management to succeed in the hospital business office.
The Power of Page Level Retrieval 
 Page-level retrieval of business office documents offers powerful capabilities.
EDI Has Small Impact On Paper Document Volumes 
 The adoption of HIPAA Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) specifications has had little impact on the volume of paper documents processed by the hospital business office.
In-House Document Imaging 
 Attempting to implement document imaging in-house can often seem like a good option.
The Costs of Document Imaging 
 The cost to implement a document imaging system that meets business office retrieval requirements will primarily be from ongoing direct labor to operate the system.
Traditional In-House Document Imaging Costs List 
 A concise, yet thorough list of traditional in-house document imaging costs.
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